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Thanksgiving Week Activity: Dipping Beeswax Candles

Making your own hand-dipped candles for Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition. They can then be lit for Thanksgiving dinner, giving off a wonderful warm glow and slight honey scent.
To hand-dip candles, you will need to put your wax in an old can. Place this can in a pot of water and heat on a medium temperature until your wax has melted. Meanwhile tie two lengths of your wicking on a skewer, pencil or chopstick.

Dip this into your melted wax. Dip in for two seconds and out again for two seconds. If you leave it in the wax too long, your wax that is on the wick will melt back off.

After you have dipped the candle in the wax five times. it will be like a long string bean. Let it harden a bit in the air, and straighten your wick, if you need to, by pulling down on the bottom of the candle, while still holding the top with your other hand. Do this about every five dips.

This is what they look like after about twenty-five dips.

Now they are ready to leave hanging overnight to fully harden.

We hang ours in the kitchen, taping them to an open cabinet.
All ready for lighting at tomorrow's dinner.


  1. How tall are your candles?

  2. They are about seven inches tall, but they can be just as tall as your can of wax is. The taller the can, the better.

  3. Very neat! We made melted crayon versions at the ghost town we went to this summer - they look very similar - but of course, smell like crayons :)


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