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Fra Angelico (1387-1455) Lamentation over the Dead Christ

Lamentation over the Dead Christ, 1436-1441. Tempera on panel. 105 x 164. Museo di San Marco, Florence, Italy
For our last week of our picture study of Fra Angelico's paintings, we looked at his Lamentation over the Dead Christ. We were amazed at all of the faces of the different people in the picture. They look so real and so individualistic compared to past artists.
We decided to make our own pictures, following this project on That Artist Woman which combines many of the skills we have been working on. We have a chance to work with a differnt kind of pastels -oil instead of the chalk pastels which we have loved working with. With this project we also get to include the halos in gold that we have been seeing in Fra Angelica's work.

With Gail's templates, this project was easy enough for my first grader to do with my help, but interesting enough for my eighth graders. Even with the templates, there is some room for individuality. It is a great project.
Gail gives a step-by-step tutorial at That Artist Woman, so I won't tell you all the steps here.
It is very exciting to see how the oil pastels...
resist the paint, creating an wood grain pattern so it looks like it was painted on a wood panel in the time of Fra Angelico.

Lastly, the gold "foil" paint is added to the halos.

Quentin's, age 6

Alex's, age 16

James', age 9

Which painting  that we studied was your favorite?

For more on Fra Angelico...
National Gallery of Art has a wonderful lesson on the Adoration of the Magi.
and here is a lovely slide show.

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