Our Last Day of Summer, Before the First Night of Fall Nature Walk

I had planned today an Nature Walk to look for the signs of Autumn.
But sometimes it gets a bit confusing as to when Autumn starts.

On the First 54 Degree Morning

"It's the first day of Fall," I say,
wrapping the blanket tighter.
"No, it's not," says he, flipping a page and
pointing to the box with the 22 in it.
"I thought it started when the yellow buses started rolling,"
says the diminutive one, flipping the page back and pointing to the box with the 24.
So much like him and yet he would never admit it.
"No, " says he. He begins to draw spheres bisected with lines to explain.
Diminutive one shrugs, both an acknowledgement and dismissal
I could never understand.
"It's the first day of Fall," I say again,
thinking of days before ticking and boxes,
thinking of silence, smelling smoke and following buffalo on the move.
He shrugs, with both an acknowledgement and dismissal.
I was the only one who noticed.
-Phyllis Bergenholtz, 2010

It officially begins at 11:09 PM (EDT) tonight, my youngest two pointed out to me.
So, since Fall doesn't officially start until this evening, we had our last day of Summer, before the first night of Fall nature walk.
Either way, it feels like summer here. The temperature went up to 86°F today with the humidity at 53%. It looks exactly the way it should here, partly like summer, partly like Autumn.
So, what would you do if you had the afternoon to play in the warm weather? 
Climb trees, of course...and run races...and enjoy freshly made cinnamon buns and apple juice in the gazebo together.
Celebrating the changing of seasons.
Celebrating the anticipation of all of Fall together.
And anticipating all the wonders we will find.

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