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The Limbourg Brothers: Departure for the Falcon Hunt from The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry & Another Lesson in Pastels

We meet the Limbourg Brothers again this week with another painting from Tres Riches Heures, this time from August called Departure for the Falcon Hunt. In this painting, if you look carefully in the upper right hand corner of the field, you can see the man with a scythe cutting the wheat. A similar picture of a man with a scythe from the boys' history folder.
Now that we had a history of the Limbourg brothers from our study last week, we could focus entirely on the picture itself. Sometimes it is easy to focus too much on the historical context and not enough on the picture. It is, after all, called picture study, not artist study.
Artistic Pursuits has a wonderful page for this on this painting, helping to draw attention to the details, which are many in the Limbourg brother's works.
Then we worked on making our own pages for summer in our Book of Days, in pastels, using this tutorial at Homeschool Highlights.
Alex loves making art work.

James ended up making two of them. It has been hard for them to learn to use the side of the chalks.
Their hands get wonderfully art messy.Since we live in a beach town, and they have lots of memories connected with the beach, they enjoyed making these.

Next week we will be looking at and making Autumn pictures.

For more tips for using Chalk Pastels, click here.


  1. First I have to say how much I enjoy your new fall banner of photos at top. Love that great, big pumpkin! Cannot WAIT to show Nana your pastel beach pictures. Gorgeous and a great job by all!!

  2. Dear Phyllis,
    I just read your wonderful post and was thrilled to see your boys enjoying a pastel lesson! What joy to my heart!

  3. Thank you for linking up. I love that painting you studied. The blues are beautiful. The boys' pictures turned out very nicely:)


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