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Postcard Album: Italy In Europe

Source: Marvelous
This week's postcard album page was for Italy. We had a dinner for Italy two years ago, and we have Italian food regularly, so we decided not to do a dinner this time. I am really working on the difference between continents and countries in our geography this year. I had him search for the shape of Italy by looking at the country's map and seeing if he could find Italy's shape on the map of Europe. Italy is nice for this exercise since it has its distinctive "boot" shape. He colored it in once he found it. We had a placemat that we had saved from a local pizza place. He decided to cut out the word Italia and the map of Italy from it to add to the page.

He added Italy's flag and our postcard, of course.

He slipped it behind the Europe map, next to our page on Greece.
This is an easy way to introduce geography to elementary students as it only took a few minutes.
Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Our Trip To Rome
How we studied Italy last year.
Mini gondola craft activity.
Italian flag and map activity.

How our Geography Album is coming: 4 countries of the world (1.77%)
How we study geography.


  1. Oh good idea to save a placemat from a local restaurant. I'll have to remember that.

  2. I have come to anticipate your travels around the world. Y'all have such fun! Big smiles after watching the smilebox and listening to Italian music. We might have to have pasta tonight :)


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