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Lamentation of Christ, Giotto di Bondone, 1306

Giotto. Lamentation of Christ. 1304-1306. Fresco. Capella degli Scrovegni, Padua, Italy.
Here is our last Giotto picture study. We look at and narrate about this painting first, and then we look again at all five of the paintings together looking for themes.
Can we learn something about the artist from looking at his works? How are they similar and different from the other artists we have studied? How are they similar and different from other artists living at the same time? How are they similar and different from his teacher, Cimbue, in this case? Did the artist always use the same medium? Did the paintings all have a similar theme? Which is your favourite and why?

"...Giotto will confide his interpretation of the meaning of life..."

If you would like more suggestions for Giotto's works, here is a list from Ambleside Online.
"The Giotto works are all portions of larger frescoes in chapels, making it difficult to provide exact dimensions. Most date from the early 1300's, and are painted on walls of chapels in Italy."
1. Resurrection of Lazarus
2. Birth of Jesus
3. Jesus washes the feet of the apostles
4. The Allegory of Justice
5. The Nativity and adoration of the shepherds (Lovely close-up detail)
6. St. Francis feeding the birds
Additional Interest: Francis Gives His Cloak to a Poor Man and Madonna Enthroned (or here)
"We encourage Ambleside Online parents to show your students large pictures of whole frescoes to give a sense of the scope, scale and presentation of these works. An overview of the Scrovegni Chapel at Padua, Italy. Giotto's fresco contrasting personifications of the Vices and Virtues offers much fodder for observation and discussion. These are at Scrovegni Chapel. Be sure to click on the thumbnail images for a larger view. You may also wish to read more about St. Francis during this term. For further information about Giotto, see:


  1. I love picture study! We did a da Vinci yesterday.

  2. I really need to look in more detail at amblesde online it looks so intriguing


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