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EAA Young Eagles Flights & Massey Air Museum

Today two of my boys got into a small airplane. Here is my 9-year old getting in the plane...

and here is my 13-year old in the front seat.
Here is the view once they were in the air.
During part of the flight the pilot let Sam pilot the plane for a short while.
The free flight is part of the Young Eagles program.

There may be a participating airport in your area.

Quentin was not yet old enough to go up in the plane, but he was able to get into one of the planes that the Massey Airport has for people to tour.


  1. That looks so fun!

  2. What an awesome experience - I love flying in small planes, but I'm not so sure how I'd feel seeing my "babies" going up :)

  3. We've seen this in our area several times and surprise, surprise, my kids were never interested. However, this year they've all decided that they want to fly so they are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to hit the skies. Looks like your guys had a great time and unforgettable experience! Thanks for linking up to Field Trip Friday!


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