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Summer "Bucket" List: Make Clothespin Dolls, or...Figures

Quentin was really wanting to make some knights for his sandcastles and this tutorial on clothespin soldiers came to my mind.

When I couldn't find any of that type of clothespins in my area (no surprise), I discovered these lovely ones that have flat bottoms so that they can stand up without aid. As soon as they arrived Quentin and James went to work with markers and crayons. They did not have the patience to wait for paint to dry. While they worked, I was thinking about all the little people these could be made into with just paint. Not only knights, but Robin Hood, or any other distinctive historical figures or people from around the world. They could replace (or at least supplement) those plastic figures that my boys love so because without any cloth or extras they are not quite like dolls that boys shy away from. Here is a knight and princess Katie made for the boys.
I believe that there will be more in their future.
If you think you'd like to try this project, here is a good link for how to paint clothespin doll faces.

originally posted Aug 9, 2010


  1. Faces are hard - but that's a good link. Great little men :)

  2. We did this once too. My kids loved making them. I need to remember to have those supplies out more often. They'd love to just sit and make stuff.

  3. they are such fun aren't they. We used them for our spring season table.

  4. These look really neat! And I agree that they are great figure options for boys.

  5. We made peg dolls once with lots of embellishments, which my girls loved and were great for creativity but I agree these simple ones might be more robust for lots of playing with. Thanks for sharing with us at the Play Academy. Cathy


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