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Postcard Geography Album: Pennsylvania, “The Keystone State”

This week we added a page for Pennsylvania to our Postcard Geography album. We had received a postcard from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have visited this state before and we discussed this. For the older students, I reviewed William Penn's landing and the beginnings of this state.We colored pictures of the state bird, the Ruffled Grouse and the state flower, the Mountain Laurel. Our Pennsylvania dinner included:
Philadelphia-style Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Amish Style Chicken and Dumplings

You could alternatively have

James took all of these elements and created a page for the state of Pennsylvania (finished page above.)
Sam's map of Pennsylvania
The older boys are drawing state maps of their own and adding in the major geographical features, the surrounding states, capital city and numbering them according to when they entered the union.
For our geography album we have "visited" 2 states (4%).

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  1. I love how colorful your postcard book is! I should do more with food here from each state. Thank you for linking up!


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