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The Norman Conquest and The Bayeux Tapestry (1066)

(in case you can't read it, I will type under the pages what they have written)


The Norman Conquest

The Normans were descendants of the Vikings who had settled in Normandy during the 900's. In 1066 William sailed to England and fought King Harold at Hastings.

The Normans were victorious and Harold was killed in battle.
Here Alex makes notes in various colors about the travels of Alfred (green), who first hid from the Vikings and then later fought them on Salisbury Plain, and Harold (blue) and William (orange).
We also talked about how Harold had previously, when he was just a young prince, shipwrecked on the shores of Normandy, and was found a brought before William. Before William would
let Harold go he made him swear an oath that he would give the Kingship of England to him
and so Harold did and William let him go. But when the time came for Harold to become king he did not give the throne to William because Harold said that he had been tricked into giving the oath, and so it was not binding. William countered that an oath was an oath and came to England to get his rightful throne. And so he did, at the Battle of Hastings.

"As the air fills with arrows and lances, men lie dying. The English soldiers, who are all on foot, protect themselves with a wall of shields. The Normans attack from both sides." -Britian's Bayeaux Tapestry

We also looked at Bayeux Tapestry, which is quite fascinating as it tells the whole tale of William the Conqueror, as he was later called. It is over 70 meters long.

We talked about why tapestries were important in the Middle Ages, and then I decided to give them an opportunity to do a little embroidery themselves. I copied a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry onto some cotton cloth.
I pretty much let them make their own discoveries and decisions about what colors to use, etc.
I was surprised at their attention to it and their enjoyment of this project. Not quite finished, but getting there.
More activities with the Bayeux Tapestry here.
Older students might want to read William of Malmesbury's account of the Battle of Hastings.
To see the English Monarchs Family Tree from William I, the Conqueror, click here.


  1. What an interesting post. I'm sure your children will have a vast and practical understanding of history. I have very little memory of all the history facts that I learned in highschool (which I took via homeschool).

    I hope you and your children are enjoying summer!

  2. You do the greatest History lessons with your kids! I just love how your lesson plans flow. Thank you for linking up this week!

  3. Anonymous29.11.13

    I was looking for lesson plans on the Bayeux Tapestry for next semester, and I can just see Firecracker and Rose embroidering a section of their own :-)

  4. That's super impressive. I love the way it looks with all the bright colors.

  5. Just saw this one while I was looking at another post and had to say perfect timing to see this because we'll be studying this tapestry this year.


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