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Using Unifix Cubes: Stack and Tell

This activity requires Unifix cubes or some other sort of interlocking colored blocks, such as Legos. Each student snaps a train of cubes together. They all have to choose a different number. Then, using more and less cards, determine which stack is either more or less. The student's stack that matches the card wins that round. It is good for them to experience less being the winning hand as we so often think that to win one must have more. Using "0" adds an interesting dimension to the game.



  1. I like this game. You could play it with Duplos, Legos, or Megablox if you didn't have unifix cubes.

  2. Another really great idea! I like how you make less a winner too!

  3. I own a set of unifix cubes and they are great for so many things! Thanks for linking!

  4. This is an interesting idea to randomly pick a winning hand between "more" and "less". I was just thinking up a Lego math game :)


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