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Adding Greece to our Postcard Album

Greece's Flag 
made from olives, feta cheese and oregano leaves
source: Marvelous
We had studied Modern Greece (geographically and culturally) two years ago, as well as Ancient Greece last year, so the boys were familiar with Greece.
We decided to have Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce
because tasting a new dish is always a fun way to study a country.

Young children have a lot of trouble understanding the distinctions between continent and country, so we began our album pages with a map of Europe, to place in within a continent. We then colored in the country of Greece. We will put color-coded tags on the country pages to match the colors used on the continent page once everything is finished and in place, but for now I want the flexibility to rearrange pages. Here is our album page for Greece. There is the postcard we received in the upper left-hand corner. The boys were thrilled to get one with the Acropolis on it. We put in a map of Greece and its flag, as well as pictures of the gyros we ate.
Two countries in our postcard/geography album.
Other ways to experience and study Greek culture:
Make a flag & a Bible scripture appropiate for copywork.
More dishes to explore.


  1. The food looks so yummy! Thank you for linking up this week!

  2. gyros! now that sounds fun! And I love this postcrossing idea. I've seen others doing this. What a fun and unexpected way to tuck in geography.

  3. There's a Greek restaurant between here and Dallas that serves up really interesting food. It's interesting to try food wrapped in grape leaves.


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