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Byzantine Mosaics (500-1450)

We studied the Byzantine Empire today, and looked at mosaics from Revenna, Italy.

I wanted to make mosaics with tile but I didn't want it to be too frustrating, especially for the younger boys, so we made mosaics just with paper. They had small squares of colored construction paper and a sketch of a bowl of fruit with places to put the squares.
They had already noticed that the people in mosaics were rather stiff looking.
Even using just paper gave them the idea of how difficult it is to make art in this way.

I used already printed out pages, but a simple drawing could be sketched out without much difficulty. You don't have to have them mosaic the whole drawing either. They can add watercolor to the rest of the page once the glue dries.

Alex's, age 15, special needs
I was pleased that they all were unique.

Quentin's, age six

Sam's, age 13

James', age 9

sources and inspiration:
More ideas for hands-on activities on the Byzantine Empire at A Pilgrim's Heart.


  1. Oh man, that just made me think of something awesome to do with my kids in a few years when we reach this point in history.

  2. Oh, that looks like my kitchen table! A bouquet surrounded by projects and general action! Love your paper mosaic activity. I must take my kids to Ravenna, I can't believe we haven't yet!

  3. What a neat idea! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Ah what a fab project! The mosaics came out jus lovely!

    Would love for you to come and join me at Kids Get Crafty over at Red Ted Art. Every Wednesday. Here is this weeks link http://www.redtedart.com/?p=3056

    Hope to see you there soon!

    Maggy, Red Ted Art


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