123...I Can Collage!...From Nature

This is our newest collage and it is made entirely of found natural objects. This makes a great art project to do at the beach because all you need to bring to the beach is paper and glue...and your imagination, of course. You then just need to go on a nature excursion and collect whatever looks interesting to you. Or you can use things you can gather in your yard or around your neighborhood. You can sketch out a plan so that you can look for objects that are the shapes you want.
You can trim things to make them the length and shape you want...
and glue them down.

This crab was made by first putting a layer of glue at the bottom of the page and then sprinkling on sand. Since we live in a beach town, that wasn't too hard, but you could use sandbox sand as well. We then used tall sea grasses for the legs, bending them sometimes to look like legs. The claws were made from oval leaves that we tore down the middle and glued onto the paper. Thin grasses made the antennae. Holly berries were used for the eyes. A large leaf became the crab's body and small leaves on top became spots on his back.
But you can make yours any way you like.

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