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Moving Energy in a Toy Car

Ramp Flat on the Ground
Ramp lifted to ankles

Ramp Lifted to Knees

Ramp Lifted to Chest

"...each time you lifted the care you 'gave' the car more gravitational stored energy. Finally there was enough stored energy for the car to move down the ramp. When the car moved down the ramp, the gravitational stored energy was converted to kinetic energy...Since the toy car has more gravitational stored energy as it is lifted higher, there is more energy to convert to kinetic energy. As a result, there is more kinetic energy as the car goes down the ramp."
-Real Science 4 Kids, Pre-Level I Laboratory Workbook


  1. I'd love for you to link this up on Sunday when I actually post my Science post for real.

  2. Great experiment and I bet your son had a lot of fun with it!

  3. My son would love to do this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Definitely a great experiment for boys!

  5. Thanks for linking up! Our local Children's Museum has a similar project my boys spend ages playing with.

  6. So simple Phyllis yet so much fun and learning! Our children had similar fun recently ... http://www.playbasedlearning.com.au/2011/02/beaut-car-play/
    Donna :) :)


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