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A Field Trip to Kick Off Our New Medieval History

Medieval Times...jousting on daring steeds...

powerful knights...

elegant weapons...

shiny armor...
My boys are more than ready to learn more.


  1. I so want to go there, we've almost gone a couple of times.
    Can I just say how much I love that you're ahead of us in History?

  2. Well, in fairness I must tell you that it is much more for entertainment than for historical acuracy! There is a lot of lights, which become sort of a show in itself. The dinner is totally inaccurate, with lots of New World foods....but it did get the boys excited to learn more about the Middle Ages, and there is something in that!

  3. we have always wanted to go there just for fun and have never made it

  4. Found your site through the OHC Blog Carnival and I'm so glad I did! My family spent time in Atlanta last year and Medieval Times was one of the attractions we wanted to visit. It sure looks neat! What a great way to kick off your study!Looking forward to following your homeschool adventures!


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