How Groundhog's Garden Grew

I picked up this most lovely book at the library a couple of weeks ago.We think of gardens at this time of year, and I thought the cover was so attractive, I put it with my stack of books to read to the boys.
I did not realize what a gem I had until I really looked at it.
Using animals for all the characters, it actually follows the cycle of plants and gardens throughout the year.
It has absolutely gorgeous pictures throughout, and has quite a bit of factual information weaved within the story. It even has beautiful and accurate illustrations around the borders.
Even the end papers have illustrations of the growth cycles
of different plants mentioned in the book.

The portion about planting potatoes was very timely as my two oldest had potatoes to plant as well.
This garden is their special project together.

Helping to take care of living things can be very helpful for autistic people.

Can you see how much of his attention he has as she shows him what to do? His hands are together in such an expression of excitement.

Another was there and wanted to see the potato plants that are coming up from the potato sets that we planted last fall.

I dug around the roots of one to show him that small potatoes are forming under the plants. These will get larger over the summer and we will dig them up in the fall when the plants die back.

Also inspired, he wanted to plant something, so my daughter gave him a pot and some garlic bulbs to plant.
After watering, he set them on our front step so we can watch them grow.
Perhaps How Groundhog's Garden Grew would inspire your little gardeners too.

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