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A Greek Feast

 Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
To end a study of a segment in history that we have been studying for weeks we like to have a feast of appropiate foods. This always 
is celebratory and it gives my boys an idea of what foods the people ate. Sometimes we talk about what they didn't eat. Today we ended our study of Ancient Greece, so we had a Greek feast, made from recipes in Classical Kids by Laurie Carlson. We had steamed asparagus.

Phyllo dough triangles with spinach and feta cheese. Seasoned fish chunks cooked in parchment paper squares. The recipe called for grape leaves instead of the parchment paper, but we could not find grape leaves.
Greek Tales can be read at  your feast.

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  1. I'm trying to think if I'd be able to find grape leaves. I know I've eaten food cooked in them, but that's at restaurants that presumably know WHERE to order these things.


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