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Aesop's Fables

Many homeschoolers who adhere to the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling begin narrations with Aesop Fables, and so I have as well with my younger two.
We do the lapbook page, which includes my reading the story. Often we do an interesting activity related to the story. For The Crow and the Pitcher, Quentin asked how putting rocks in a pitcher could raise the level of the water, so we did a science experiment where he put rocks in a small cup of water and watched the level of the water rise. Turned out that what he was asking was what was happening scientifically and I had to explain about how the stones take up the space the water was in so the water had to move somewhere and up was the easiest way. I used the term displacement, which he added to his vocabulary.
Then it is narration time. They often act it out using props like plastic grapes for the Fox and Grapes story. The lapbook includes pictures of each of the characters that they can cut out and use in their retelling of the stories.
Once we are finished Aesop's Fables, I will continue narrations with Greek myths, or perhaps switching between the two types of stories, all while studying Ancient Greek history and art as the background to them.




  1. That is so interesting - that yes - it was the idea of displacement that threw the whole story off. Crazy kids! I think I will go to the acting side of narration, they are losing the joy in the writing of the narration first. I think then, I will quickly see if he understood what I just read, or if he wanted to write a story he liked better. ;) Great idea!

  2. I love Aesop's Fables! I have tried very hard to incorporate them into our home school. I really liked the way you added lap booking and connected science to these fables. Your blog is so resourceful!! I think I am going get me some hot chocolate this weekend and relax while reading through your blog. Thank you for sharing and linking up!!

  3. I must have missed this post. I'm glad you linked up an old post so I can pin this for next year.


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