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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Greek Amphora Cut-outs Art Project

This project is modeled after the amphoras of Ancient Greece.
Amphoras or urns were very common within Greek culture. They were used to store food, water, and wine in. They held things like cosmetics, perfumes, and spices. They were used to transport things in too. The Greeks weren't just holding things, though, they were making beautiful works of art that were also useful. They incorporated geometric lines and designs, and often had a scene of importance center stage on the amphora as well. The amphoras told stories.
We made our own Greek amphora pictures. For each person, make 3 shapes like an amphora, two of them in orange and one in black. Sketch a design on the black one that reminds you of the Greek style drawings. Cut this out. This is harder than it looks to do, so don't get discouraged.
Glue the cut-out shape to one of the orange vases,
and what is left of the black vase onto the other orange vase. Now you will have two vases;
one is black with an orange design and the other is orange with a black design.

You can cut out geometric shapes like squares or triangles
to make a border on the top and bottom of your vase.

Here is our amphora shop.
The boys took turns pretending to be shop owner and customer in Ancient Greece.

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