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Weaving Ojo de Dios for Our Lady of Guadeloupe Day

This is a wonderfully easy ornament for the tree that also serve to honor Our Lady of Guadeloupe. I first saw these at Natural Suburbia and just knew they were perfect for us.
Take two twigs that you find on a nature walk and hold them perpendicular to each other with some floral wire. You could use a piece of pipe cleaner or other wire instead.

Tie a piece of yarn and tie it onto one of the branches near the center.

Wind the yard around the next branch. Once you have wrapped it around, go to the next branch and wrap around that one. Keep going around in a circle, wrapping around each branch as you go. You may tie off your yarn at a branch and start a new color at any point. Just tie on the new color as you did when you started and tuck any extra yarn in so you can't see it.

Once you have all but a small bit of the branches left showing, tie the yarn off at one of the branches. That will be the top of the ornament and the yarn can be used to attach the ornament to the tree. If you do celebrate Our Lady of Guadeloupe's Feast day, you could put a picture of her in the center before hanging on the tree. You could also use bright color usually associated with Mexico. I used what yarn I had on hand today.

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