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Outdoor Hour Challenge #46 Mammals: Woodchuck/Groundhog, Prairie Dog, Marmots

As Barb has suggested for this challenge, I read the pages (229-232) about the Woodchuck or Groundhog in the Handbook of Nature Study. I underlined some facts that I shared with your boys, but I did not expect to see any on our nature walk this week. Perhaps we will see them sometime this summer?
We are also reading at night in The Burgess Animal Book for Children, which is a wonderful storybook that also give many interesting facts about the animals we are studying. This week we read about the adventures of Johnny Chuck and his friends and relatives, the marmot and the prairie dog.
When we went outdoors for our nature walk, we did not see any mammals of any kind, but we were also to look for signs of mammals as we walked (tracks, burrows, holes, or scat.) We certainly saw many tracks in the snow, but we were unsure about identification. We thought we could see cat, rabbit and squirrel tracks along with bird tracks.

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  1. Look at all those tracks! I always find it amazing how much goes on outside in our yards when we aren't looking. :)

    I find this website not only useful but fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing your mammal study this week.


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