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Natue Study Challenge #21: The Nature Notebook

“As soon as a child is old enough, he should keep his own nature notebook for his enjoyment. Every day’s walk will give something interesting to add--three squirrels playing in a tree, a blue jay flying across a field, a caterpillar crawling up a bush, a snail eating a cabbage leaf, a spider suddenly dropping from a thread to the ground, where he found ivy and how it was growing and what plants were growing with it, and how ivy manages to climb.”
Charlotte Mason, Home Education in Modern English, volume 1 page 54

The Challenge: "I would like to challenge your children to fill a thirty page nature journal. I would like to encourage everyone to make journaling a habit and I know it takes a bit of work to get the habit going so I will provide a little incentive. Once the child has completed thirty pages, the parent will email me with a note that includes your child’s name, age, your email address, and a sample page from the journal. At that time I will add the child’s name to my Handbook of Nature Study blog sidebar in a new feature called “The Nature Study Hall of Fame”. I will also email the child a certificate of completion. (Each page)must include some sort of illustration, either a sketch, a rubbing, or a photo. The illustration must be labeled with at least the date and the subject to be considered a “page”. If the child is too young to write, the parent can label the illustration. After you have your outdoor time, provide an opportunity for working on a nature journal entry. My son was around three years of age when he started making “entries” into his journal. He would draw and I would label for him. You can help your child think of something to draw after discussing the day’s activities."

They all have been working on their Nature Journals all year. We usually sit down and make a page or two each time we go on a nature walk and you would be surprised how quickly the pages accumulate. (From top to bottom: Katie's, James', Sam's, Alex's)

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