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Starting the School Year with School Cones

One year they got these Playmobil Child's First Day at School figures in their school cones. I love the tiny little school cones they carry!
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Several years ago I discovered "school cones," sometimes called "sugar bags or cones" because of the treats they usually contain. This tradition comes from Germany, where they are called Schultute, and are given to children on their first day of first grade. I discovered this idea from Cay at Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks, who says,"These clown-hat cones are a fun way to present new school supplies to your child and are sure to be a hit...I made them out of poster board and wrapping paper. Very simple to make. My youngest also wore it as a dunce cap (her incentive, not mine)."
school cone, 2008
Instead of just first grade, I have found it a wonderful tradition for all my children every year! (Although once they hit high school age, they feel they are too old for them.)James' 1st grade school cone, 2008
The first year I made the cones out of wrapping paper, but they were a little fragile.School Cones 2009
The next year I made them out of poster board, but they were not as pretty. They are filled with new school supplies, some candy and small toys or trinkets.
It is almost unbelievable how much of a tradition this has become.
Quentin's Pre-K and Sam's 6th grade school cones, 2008
They get so excited about them.

While many kids get their school supplies in the backpacks they need in order to carry them to school... it makes a wonderful back-to-school tradition for homeschoolers who don't need backpacks...for their school is at home.
School Cones 2010
Sam's 8th grade, 2010

Quentin's 1st grade, 2010

James' 5th grade and Quentin's 3rd grade, 2012
James' 6th grade, 2013
Quentin's 5th grade, 2014
 One year I put tiny school cones with treats and small school supplies inside their school boxes.
James' 7th grade, 2014

2015, James' 8th grade
2015, Quentin's 6th grade

Zakka Life has a tutorial on how to make them with a template!


  1. Thanks for linking!!! This is a great project... and who doesn't love all those yummy new school supplies!!! Hope you guys have a fabulous week!!!

  2. Pinning these they are really a great idea!

  3. We had that for Anna's first year - following German tradition of "once is enough" here, but I can see how much fun it is to receive it every year!

  4. Oh man that look on your oldest two's faces in that picture, it is priceless.


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