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Home School Life Journal ........... Ceramics by Katie Bergenholtz
"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

The First Artists

 We looked at pictures of Cave Art.

Making Our Own Cave Art

We took some paper bags (or kraft paper) and tore them irregularly. We then used oil pastels to draw similar designs as on the cave painting we examined -mostly wild animals. Does it tell a story? Alex's (age 15, special needs) Quentin's (age 5)
Sam's (age 12)
James' (age 8)

Making Cave Handprint Art

We made reproductions of handprint cave art by taking a straw and sucking up just a little bit of paint and then blowing it back out onto some construction paper over a hand to make an outline of it. We did it this way because it seems to be similar to the way they did it in the caves. We, however, could not get it to work to our satisfaction. It did let them see that this art form was not as easy as it looks. We ended up dipping our hands in paint and applying it this way. Although not exactly like it, their paintings show the spirit...of handprint cave art.

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  1. The cave art is great! Love art that's fun, challenging, and messy!


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