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Saint Francis DeSales

Mousetrap Catapults

To make a mousetrap catapult, you will need:
a Mousetrap
Rubber band
2 rectangular erasers
Duct Tape
2 Popsicle sticks
1 plastic or wooden spoon

Remove the holding bar mechanism from the mousetrap. You only want the platform, spring and hammer of the mousetrap for the catapult.
Fold the hammer of the mousetrap back so that the mousetrap is ready to snap.
Wrap the rubber band around the hammer and the platform of the mousetrap to hold it in place while you make the first half of the catapult.
Take the two erasers and stack them on top of one another before duct taping them to the mousetrap platform right up against the spring of the mousetrap. Wrap the erasers and platform firmly in tape, so that when the hammer is released the erasers won't move.
Remove the rubber band and gently release the hammer of the mousetrap. The hammer should come up vertical before being stopped by the erasers.
Take one Popsicle stick and tape it horizontally across the hammer of the mousetrap. This will support the spoon, or the bucket of the catapult.
Tape the other Popsicle stick vertically and in the middle of the hammer. Make sure that it is firmly taped to both the hammer and the other Popsicle stick.
Tape the shaft of the spoon to the second Popsicle stick. This will make the bucket of your catapult.

Load your catapult by pulling back the hammer and filling the spoon with your missile. Release the hammer and watch the missile fly.
They began calling the ammo, "whammo."

There were some bugs to work out.

It is nice when your whammo can also be used as a snack.

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