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Raindrops and Oil Drops

The boys were given the opportunity to play with and investigate drops of two very different liquids: water and oil. First they looked at the drops on waxed paper from the side to see if they were ball-shaped, dome-shaped or pancake-shaped. They determined that the water was dome-shaped, but that the oil drops were pancake-shaped.

They compared and contrasted the water drops and how they acted with the oil drops and how they acted. They then tried to move them by dragging them and then pushing them.

They tried to split the drop into smaller drops and push them together to make a larger drop. They tried putting an oil drop and a water drop together and discovered that these two liquids don't mix easily. They looked at a newspaper through the drops and the waxed paper and saw how they magnified the letters.


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  1. I've never thought to experiment with just a drop of each - but that's pretty neat.


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