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Math Games: My Turn, Your Turn

This game was designed to be played outside with large squares chalked out in a row large enough for the players to step in but it was too wet and cold outside, so I modified it to the kitchen tabletop and used game men to represent people. In this game each player has two men which are put in the middle space of the playing area. A die is rolled and the player can choose whether to move his man forward toward his side of the board, or to send one of the other player's men back. It takes a lot of die rolling for this game, but they did not seem to mind. The object of the game is to get both of your men off the board first.

(See comments below for the rules to the outside/many players game.)

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  1. What is the object of the game?

  2. Oh, how silly of me! The object of the game is to e the first person to get all of your team (men) off the table on either side. It is a simple game, but it takes some strategy, advance planning and problem solving. I have seen another version of this game using real people outside in which there are two team captains. The rest of the children are on the gameboard one at a time, beginning on the middle square. The game begins with one team captain rolling a die and calling out the number. The child in the middle turns to face that team and walks toward them the number of steps the captain rolled. If the child does not step off the board on the roll, the next turn the other team captain rolls and the child turns and walks that number of spaces and this continues on until he steps off the board on one side or the other. The team with the most people in it at the end wins. This is great for a large group of children. I have seen them shouting the counting as the excitement builds. (Good 'ole counting skills as well!)

  3. Thanks! I might have to try it to see how it actually works.


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