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Nature Study Lesson #47: The Frog


"The frog lives near or in ponds or streams. It is a powerful jumper and a slippery body. Its eggs are laid in masses of jelly at the bottom of ponds." -Handbook of Nature Study, p.186

frog at Pat's pond 8/17/11

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"The frog may be studied in its native situaion by the pupils or it may be brought to the school and placed in an aquarium..." -H, p. 186
We collected tadpoles in the spring from her pond to observe development, and also visited our friend, Pat's pond in the late summer to see the large adult frogs.
"...tadpoles may be caught and watched through all their changes -fins disappearing, tails getting shorter and shorter, until at last there is no tail at all. and a pretty pert little frog looks you in the face." -Charlotte Mason, Home Education, Vol. I, p. 56
Their pond pictures include the stages of frog development along with the frog habitat. Other than Quentin (his is the top drawing) needing a little help with the adult frog, they were all able to draw everything themselves. (Bottom Drawing: James) 4/22/09

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  1. Thanks for sharing your link to your frog study. I love the journal entries....frogs are hard to draw. :)

    We are going to revisit tadpoles next spring I think just to complete the OHC study of frogs.


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