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Nature Study 59: Mammals: Bats

For this week's challenge I read about bats (pages 241-245) in the Handbook of Nature Study. Although the lesson for bats states that it should not be given unless you can directly observe bats in person, Barb suggested that this interesting creature deserves his own Outdoor Hour Challenge, and I agree with her. Every summer in the evenings we can see bats flying around our backyard. It is so cool how they fly; darting about. It is nice to get a head start on learning about them while we are not so distracted by other summer activities.
We read in the evening about Flitter the bat in The Burgess Animal Book for Children (story 21) and looked at the illustration on page 128 of the Little Brown Bat. We discussed why the bat is considered a mammal and how he differs from birds. They all love the Magic School Bus' Going Batty video and this has a lot of information about bats in it.

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