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Measuring Volume

Here are the steps to our investigations in measuring volume.

1. Trace the container you are going to use.
2. Place a strip of masking tape down the side of the container.
3. Pour one cup of water into the container from a measuring cup.

4. Mark where the water line is on the tape with a marker. Do you want to change your estimate?
5. Continuing adding cups of water until the container is full, marking where each up comes on the tape.

They boys were surprised at first to find out that the one container on the left, which was the taller of the two, held only one cup whereas the one on the right, although shorter, contained four cups! This is a dramatic way of showing how much shape and width have an impact on the volume capacity of a container.


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  1. Again, great lesson! (Oh, and I LOVE the Scooby Doo PJ's!)

  2. Great lesson! I've been meaning to do this but never got around to it. I told my husband to save all the jars! Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas week after week!
    I will be away for the first two weeks in October. Would you mind being a guest writer? I think so many people would benefit from any one of your ideas!

  3. Joyful Learner- I would find it an honor to guest post for you. Thank you so much for all your kind words.


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