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Frog Pond Math Game

In this game you want to be the last frog to hop out of the pond. We got our board out of this book but you can make your own game board with 10 spaces just on a piece of paper. Just circles would be fine, or you could use frog stickers or draw them yourself. Fill the board with counters. We used gummy frogs just for fun. Taking turns, each player is allowed to take either one or two frogs out of the pond, whichever they choose. Can you be the last frog to hop out of the pond? This game builds thinking skills as well as mathematics awareness.



  1. What a fabulous game! I remember doing something like this but with toothpicks. The idea will be more appealing to kids to use frogs! Now, I'll be looking for things to make the board and frogs.

  2. Math games are so much fun - I like the frogs!


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