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Emperor Penguin Hatches an Egg and Adele Penguins

The boys learned about how Emperor Penguins manage to hatch eggs on the ice -the hold them on their feet and cover them with a layer of their fat! They had lots of fun pretending to be penguins hatching eggs. I tied a pillow around their waist and let it hang to their toes. Then they put a plastic egg on their feet and let the pillow-fat hang over the egg. They found out how hard it is to walk around with an egg on their feet! They waddled just like penguins. The egg then hatched and out came a baby penguin, which we posted next to the Emperor penguin.
Next they were introduced to the Adele penguin, which Katie had drawn for them (life-sized again.) We talked about how the two types of penguins are alike and how they are different.

If you want to learn about all different types of penguins, this activity at Layers of Learning is great for noting their differences in coloration.

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