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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Picture Study

"Each term, six pictures by one of the Great Masters are studied through reproductions, and when possible the children are taken to the Galleries to see the originals, but only after the pictures have been studied in the school room. The Composition of the picture is carefully studied, the child being taught something about balance, spacing, perspective values, and so on. An historical or romantic interest is also shown about the picture if it is a subject that lends itself to this. The child is trained to notice character and statement in the faces of portraits, gesture, pose, etc.
Details from the pictures are drawn from memory in charcoal, pencil and water-colour--this may be done rather badly if the children are not gifted in draughtsmanship, but it all helps to fix the picture on the memory. The small child of five who first joins the school will take the keenest interest and so will her sister of seventeen (I here speak from long experience). We show them only the best pictures. We may admire the careful laborious drawings of battle scenes, fairy tales, and nature subjects drawn by pupil teachers, which adorn the walls of so many of the schoolrooms; however we cannot but feel that a few reproductions by the great masters would be more exhilarating."
Art and Literature in the Parents' Union School
by Marjorie F. Ransom. (Ex-student House of education)Volume 34, 1923, pgs. 75-84

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