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Winter Wednesday: Snow

I didn't think we would ever be able to do this activity as we have not really had snow at all this year. I look with envy at all these snowy nature study entries you all have been having. This morning it started snowing, so I thought I would grab the opportunity to look at the snowflakes. We looked at some flakes with the naked eye. Katie saw that there were hexagonal plates and stellar plates. She noticed that the snow was very wet (good to make a snowball with) and wondered if these kind of snowflakes came when the snow was wet and also wondered how the wetness of the snow was determined -is it due to temperature, moisture in the air...? Things to think about and research. We will do this again every time it snows and see if we get different results.

Quentin didn't have the patience to look at the flakes on the black paper set-up, but found he could look at the flakes on the tree nearby.

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