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Making Designs and Learning About Numbers of Things

Make various shapes of various sizes and colors. Using a pre-determined number of shapes, have your students make pictures out of them. Once they have their pictures as they want them, have them glue them to paper.

Remember, they are only allowed to have a certain number -whatever you choose. For example, here is James' picture for the number 8. They can play this game over and over, with different amounts of shapes. This gives them an idea of the amount of various numbers of objects. They learn, for example, what 8 looks like. It also increases their estimating skills.


  1. I think it also teaches that 8 can look very different, some larger, some smaller, etc. This is a fun way to learn the concept of a number. Thanks for sharing as always!

  2. I'm pretty sure my kids would have fun with this.


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