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Puerto Rico and Frogs in Spanish

After leaving Cuba, we traveled over to Puerto Rico in our imaginary trip around the world. After adding stamps to their passports and locating Puerto Rico on the map, we learned about the frogs that live in the rainforest there. The Caribbean National Forest contains thousands of acres of rain forest and receives more than 100 billion gallons of rainfall each year. Living in the forest is the tiny coqui frog, which receives its name from its cricket-like chirp. This small creature is considered the national mascot. We made Coqui Frog puppets and listened to the song La Rana (The Frog).

Coqui, cantaba la rana.
(Coqui, sang the frog.)
Coqui, debajo del agua.
(Coqui, under the water.)
Coqui,paso un caballero.
(Coqui, a gentleman passed by.)
Coqui, con capa y sombrero.
(Coqui, wearing a cape and a hat.)
Coqui, paso una senora.
(Coqui, a lady passed by.)
Coqui, con traje de cola.
(Coqui, wearing a long dress.)
Coqui, paso un marinero.
(Coqui, a sailor passed by.)
Coqui, vendiendo romero.
(Coqui, selling rosemary.)
Coqui le pidio un ramito.
(Coqui, it asked him for a bunch.)
Coqui, no le quiso dar.
(Coqui, but he didn't want to give it to her.)
Coqui, uy se eho a l'orar.
(Coqui, it began to cry.)

Then we played a game called Rama en el mar. We changed rama (frog) to Coqui. One child is the Coqui and sits in the middle (preferably crouched like a frog!) and the rest of the children form a circle around the Coqui by holding hands. The children in the circle sing, "La coqui. Esta en la mar. No puedes cogerme." (The frog. You are in the sea. You can't catch me.") As soon as this is said the frog can get up and try to catch the children in the circle while the children that formed the circle can run to try and get away. As soon as one is caught, that child becomes the frog.

Next the boys put on a puppet show with the frog puppets they had made.

How we study geography.

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