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Nature Study, Lesson #223: Water Forms & Part 3 & Geography: Dew, Clouds and Rain

We reviewed how clouds are formed and then we talked about various other water/weather forms. We talked about how when air floats against the cold grass and leaves in the morning and is called and changed into tiny drops of water called dew. If the night is quite cold, the dew will freeze and become frost. We talked about how frost can make beautiful pictures on a window pane. We discussed how when clouds are very low to the earth, it is called fog. If the clouds are called the little particles of water gather into large drops and fall as rain, and if the drops should freeze in falling, we call them hail. Sometimes, when it is very cold, the moisture in the air freezes before it forms into drops and falls in the beautiful crystals we call snow. We also discussed how many plants would die in winter if it were not for the snow. We then made "Types of Clouds" booklets and went outside to observe the clouds to try to determine their type. We began filling out a Two-week Weather chart, recording the temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed and what we have observed in the sky. Hopefully we can use this to predict the weather.

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