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Math Games: The Whale Game

This is a story about a whale. He was a very special whale and he loved to eat little fish. In this story you are going to play the part of the whale. And the paper plate is your ocean. One bright day the whale was swimming around. All at once he saw two fish swimming near him. Show me what happened. "Boy, I am so hungry," said the whale, and he gobbled up one of the fish. And that left how many? Pretty soon three more fish came near him. How many fish were near him now? It didn't take the whale long to spy those fish. He swam by and in a flash gobbled three of those fish. How many fish are there now?....

We have played this game many times, using different animals, such as the cute Little Blue Penguin. They get to add and subtract various numbers of goldfish crackers by putting them out on their paper towel oceans or eating them.

Or you could make it a shark and do this craft before the game. The goldfish fit nicely in his paper plate jaws.

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