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Nature Study Lesson 176: Oaks

"During autumn the attention of the children should be attracted to the leaves by their gorgeous colors. It is well to use this interest to cultivate their knowledge of the forms of leaves of trees; but the teaching of the tree species to the young child should be done quite incidentally and guardedly. If the teacher says to the child bringing a leaf, 'This is a white oak leaf," the child will soon quite unconsciously learn that leaf by name. Thus, tree study may be begun in the kindergarten or the primary grades."-The Handbook of Nature Study, page 622.

" The oak tree is the symbol of strength and loyalty. Let us study it and see what qualities in it have thus distinguished it." -Handbook of Nature Study, page 641
Here are our Oaks observations. All of the Oak leaves are broad, flat, simple and pinnately lobed.

Pin Oak
bristle tips
deeply lobed
middle lobe not narrow
leaves about 3" to 6" long
side lobes not broad toward tips
the acorn stalk short
acorn up to 1" long
cup scales mostly flat
cup shallow
acorn round

White Oaks

main vein ends in lobe
acorn no longer than 1"
scales swollen, warty

Black Oak
bristle tips
not deeply lobed
thick, leathery, lobes wide toward tip

acorn no longer than 1"
scales mostly flat
deeper cup
cup covers 1/2 of acorn
acorn light brown

Red Oak
bristle tips
not deeply lobed
thin leaves, lobes narrow toward tip
shallow cup
acorn oblong

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  1. Great observations and closely looking at the leaves to identify. I love the way we begin to look closer at common things as part of our nature study.


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