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Nature Study Challenge #36 Year-Long Tree Study: Autumn

We started our tree study project way back in Challenge #11 and made our first observations of our trees. Then during the summer we completed a summer observation of the same trees in Challenge #20. This week the challenge includes making the next seasonal observation of our trees. The trees we have been following are the ones that we have been studying in our Tree Focus, so we have made many of the observations already in those studies, so we focused on what changes have occurred in these trees because the season has turned to Autumn.

Apple Tree
We noticed that the Apple tree's leaves did not change color as many of the tree's leaves have. They go from green to brown, before falling off the tree. So far, however, most of the tree is still full of leaves and lush green. We picked as many apples off the tree this year as we could handle, making into pies, baked apples, applesauce and other goodies. We plan to can the applesauce next year.

Maple Tree
The leaves on the Norway Maple we have been following are turning various shades of yellow and brown before falling off. This Maple doesn't have the bright colors of the Maples we see in our town park.

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