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Math Games: Count & Turn

This game is like a military drill. They march and count to a specific number and then turn in unison to face another direction, and start the count over again. This game helps young people like Quentin practice counting without it being boring, and is a nice drill in paying attention and working together for the older boys. They had a lot of fun at this and played it even after school was over.



  1. I love this idea! Great way to make counting fun!!

  2. Too funny that older boys were up for this game. It must be very interesting to homeschool kids of different ages.

  3. I always put a strong emphasis on two things in my homeschool...one is that the older children have an obligation to teach the skills they know to those younger than they are, so they willingly join in with these type games. The second thing is that they should not be ashamed to play whatever games they want to play because they might be too old. If they like it, then they like it. No peer pressure or age segregation allowed. This makes my older kids less embarrased to try a game that may be considered too young for them.


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