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Math Game: Cover Up

Cover Up
This is just a game in beginning counting on. Everyone starts with the same amount of blocks. Tell them to use their hand to cover up any amount you wish. Then have them begin with the number of the amount that is covered up, and count on from there.

For example, in this case, starting with four, cover two and have them count on from there -3-4.


  1. This is great in learning to count up! I used to tell my students to grab a number and then count up from there. It's not easy for many kids who are just developing number sense. So far, JC has been doing it on her own by comparing different ages of her friends.

  2. We are also just now discovering counting on - it's funny how hard it appears to be in the beginning and how tentative the grasp of this concept is for my 3 year old.


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