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Watercolor Lessons and Mozart Composer Study

Katie started her watercolor lessons with her brothers today. She is getting the lessons from Amanda at Hearts and Trees . These are simple lessons that only take a few minutes but they help teach better control of the paints & paintbrush. In the first part of the lesson, she taught them how to make a good clean stripe of color by loading the brush with watercolor paint before applying it to the paper. She asked them to make stripe after stripe, overlapping to make a rectangle. Then she showed them how to make a graded wash by dipping the brush in water between each stripe, making the paint fade with each application.
Then I began our composer study with Amadeus Mozart. They learned about his childhood by listening to 15 minutes of The Story of Mozart in Words and Music, which is a great CD which blends a narration of Mozart's life story with selections of his music. They were allowed to draw as they wished as it was playing and I asked a sentence narration from them on what they had learned after the selections was finished.

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