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How to Tell Distance: Larger Distances

"By and by he will have to conceive of things he has never seen: how can he do it except by comparison with things he has seen and knows?"
-Charlotte Mason, Home Education, Vol. I, p. 66

Then we picked up where we left off before our break with How to Tell Distance, but this time we looked at measuring larger distances. We are fortunate to have some dear friends that live only about a mile away, so I could give them a landmark for measuring a mile. I made them to call into play all they have learned by asking them to give the direction and distance of the nearest church. Correct ideas of distance are necessary in order to understand how large the world is, and how far apart places on its surface.

We then compared the differences between pictures and plans. We looked at one of each of a 19th Century School. We then looked at the survey maps of our property and the house, and they picked out the different things they recognized and labeled all the rooms. The conversion from picture to plan and from plan to picture is a sophisticated skill for the early elementary child and even for some adults!


  • Home Geography for Primary Grades, Charlotte Mason

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