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Measuring Distance

To tell where a place is we must know its direction, but this is not all; we must also know how far it is from us or it's distance. To find this out we measure.

Look at how large an inch, a foot and a yard are. Measure all sorts of things. Guess how wide or long things are and then measure them. Measured how wide the road is.
Sam guessed 2 yards, James guessed 9 yards and Quentin guessed 4 yards. It measured at about 6 1/2 yards. They became more accurate with their guesses as they continued.

inspiration and sources:
  • Home Geography for Primary Grades, Charlotte Mason


  1. Great way to bring estimating distance into concrete focus!

  2. Never thought of measuring the road. Gotta try that! Thanks for linking!

  3. It must be fun to play guesstimates with a bigger crowd to see who comes closer.


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