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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Escher's Lithography

We finished our printing projects we started yesterday. First we put our two colors of paint on a sheet of foil and, using a brayer, rolled it out into a thin layer. We then used our printing "blocks" just like rubber stamps and pressed them first in the paint, and then on colored construction paper. Then we used a second printing (usually in a second color) to print in the details of the wings. These butterflies were then cut out and glued to the backgrounds they made yesterday. We glued down just the bodies of the butterflies and then carefully folded the wings, so that the butterflies took on a 3-dimensional aspect.

Top Row: (left) Sam, age 10 (right) Quentin, age 4 
Middle: (left), Alex, age 14 (right) James, age 7 
Bottom: (left) Katie, age 16 (right) Quentin, age 4

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