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Outdoor Picnic Nature Study

“…When the weather is warm, why not eat breakfast and lunch outside?…Besides the benefit of an added hour or two of fresh air, meals eaten outside are often delightful, and there’s nothing like happiness to convert food and drink into healthy blood and bodies.“
Charlotte Mason Home Education, Outdoor Life pg 43

This challenge was to have a picnic in some outdoor setting.
Since we are so close to the beach, we decided to take the picnic to the beach.

After the picnic, we spent a few minutes observing the area, collecting some things to add to our nature journals later at home.

And then, of course, the boys went for a swim!

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  1. This looks like everyone had a great time! I love that anything tastes better if we eat it outdoors. :)

    Thanks for sharing your picnic and your wonderful family photos.


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