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Math Games: What Comes Next?

Devise a pattern
Help it grow
Doing this will help us know
Patterns spring up
On the land and in the air
Some hard to see
But don't be vexed
Just work at finding
What comes next?

Unifix Patterns To extend the Tap and Clap Patterns write out cards with various combinations of A-B patterns, such as ABBA or AAABA. Have your students take these cards and translate the patterns into Unifix cube colors, deciding for themselves what color is A and what is B.

Pattern Blocks
Your students can also use these A-B pattern cards with pattern blocks (plastic blocks of different shapes and colors.) They are to discover the pattern, continued it, and then copy the same pattern with unifix cubes. They can then go on to make their own pattern cards. Have colored shapes made from construction paper that match the pattern blocks available. Your students then can make up their own patterns and glue identical paper shapes onto cards. On future days they can build and extend the patterns that others have made.

Dot Pattern Cards
Next make some cards that have a row of dots on them. On some of them make up your own patterns going in and out, above and below the dots. Your student's task is to take these cards and continue the pattern on cards with just the dots. On future days they can make up their own patterns for others to copy.

sources and good resources for pattern explorations:
Mathematics Their Way, Mary Baratta-Lorton

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  1. The children look so focused. You reminded me that pattern making is for all ages as they can work on more complex patterns! Thanks for linking up!


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