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Liquids and Solids; A Discussion and Books

Mom: What is a liquid?

James: Something that doesn't have a shape.

Quentin: Something wet.

Mom: What is a solid?

James: Something that is hard.

Quentin: You can't pour it.

Mom: What about sugar? You can pour sugar, can't you?

James: Yes, but they are tiny pieces of solid things.

Mom: Right, just like in the "Two Bad Ants" story we read.

James: The sugar was hard to the ants.

Quentin: What about salt?

Mom: Good question. I have a book that has pictures of what things look like under a microscope. Let's see what sugar and salt look like.

We sat cozy on the couch and read "Greg's Microscope."


  1. I like this. Thanks for linking to it from your comment on my post.

  2. Thank you for the book recommendations!


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